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Öko-Institut e.V.
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Öko-Institut is a non-profit association. It is a leading independent European research and consultancy institute working for a sustainable future. Founded in 1977, the institute develops principles and strategies for realising the vision of sustainable development globally, nationally, and locally. We complete about 400 projects each year, tackling both national and international issues. Based on value-oriented research, the institute provides consultancy for decision-makers in politics, industry, and civil society.

The Energy and Climate Protection Division comprises a total of 47 employees who have extensive experience and references in the field of system analysis, scenario development, technology assessment, strategy, and instrument development in the area of national, European and international energy and climate protection policy. The division was significantly involved in the introduction of the EU ETS (especially the development of the National Allocation Plans for the periods 2005/2007 and 2008/2012) and continues to play a key role in the current discussions on the further development of the ETS and the Effort Sharing Regulation. We therefore have in-depth insights into current developments and analyses. In addition, the Energy and Climate Protection Division is involved in several current scenario analyses on the development of the energy industry (policy scenario projects, "Climate Protection Scenario 2050" project, etc.) and acted in an advisory capacity for the German Chancellor's energy summit process and in the process of developing the Energy Concept 2010 and the Climate Protection Plan 2050. Furthermore, the Öko-Institut was involved in projects on the economic evaluation of the Integrated Energy and Climate Programme (IEKP) of the Federal Government, the conception of the IEKP monitoring process, the NKI evaluation and the evaluation of the Climate Action Programme.