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Ecologic Institute
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Ecologic Institute is an independent academic think tank for environmental research and policy analysis. Since its founding in 1995, Ecologic Institute has been dedicated to improving environmental policy, sustainable development, and policy practice. Ecologic strengthens the European and international dimensions in research, education, and environmental policy discourse.

We cover most aspects of climate policy, especially at the European level. We engage with and work for a broad range of academic organisations and stakeholders from governments, business, and civil society, co-producing solutions to manage the climate crisis. Communicating results and insights in a targeted fashion is one of the team's priorities. We strive for innovation in fostering an ongoing dialogue among key public and private actors – both online and in person – to support effective and forward-thinking climate action.

Our team has a particularly strong track record in several policy areas including carbon pricing. We have been supporting the implementation of ETS in different places and in different functions for more than a decade. Through a suite of support projects carried out for the German Environment Ministry and the German Environmental Agency, we also have been closely involved in the implementation of the EU ETS in Germany from the beginning in 2003. Through research and consultancy projects for various DGs of the European Commission, we also contributed to the ongoing efforts to revise and improve the EU ETS. In recent years, we have also contributed ETS expertise to further the carbon pricing discussion in emerging economies through various assignments. This includes above all the ICAP Training Course, which we have been implementing since its inception in 2009, as well as other training and exchange activities. Through these, we have also contributed to capacity building and international exchange on ETS between Europe, the Americas, China, and other emerging economies.