Expert Consultations

As part of the consultations, experts from the programme either travel to the respective country to allow for an in-depth exchange on specific issues related to ETS implementation and design that arise during the planning or implementation phase of a system. Or experts do so by providing virtual assistance to the specified target audience. In this way, policymakers in partner countries can receive targeted input in-person or in a virtual manner that draws on many years of practical experience with the introduction and implementation of the EU ETS.

Standard outline:

  • Format: On-demand (up to 2 weeks), tailored to specific questions, in-person or virtual;
  • Target group: Expert consultations support ETS aspirant countries or regions in a targeted manner according to their needs in setting up their ETS; 
  • Objective: Provide advice on ETS-related topics to foreign governments and government-related institutions by means of in-country and on-site consultancy services. Support local experts on site in drafting regulations or administrative provisions, as well as in setting up ETS design elements or governance processes for implementation.