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Future Camp, founded in 2001, is a consultancy in Munich, Germany. Our services focus on mandatory and voluntary carbon markets as well as national and international climate policies. Our experts support private and public sector stakeholders with strategic consulting and operational implementation services in the context of Emissions Trading Systems (ETS).

FutureCamp is market leader in EU ETS support in Germany. We have in-depth expertise in all regulatory aspects (EU directives, allocation, MRV regulation, national implementation, market oversight etc.) and operative matters from implementation on the ground (including allocation, data related issues and trading). We also provide operative support on accompanying instruments such as the cost compensation scheme for indirect ETS-costs in electricity prices, and since 2021 the national emissions trading system (nEHS) in Germany. This scheme not only affects “distributors of fuels”, but also raises concrete delimitation and implementation issues for plant operators under the EU ETS. We support companies on their emissions reporting, applications for cost compensation, the use of support programs from the Climate Protection Act and trading.

We are well aware of the evolution of and differences between regulations, improvements and the lessons learnt from the various approaches including the combination of carbon pricing with other policies and instruments. We deliver policy advice on carbon market design aspects and conduct impact assessments for companies, business associations as well as for governmental institutions. Since 2001, FutureCamp has been an active part of the secretariat of the Arbeitsgruppe Emissionshandel (The Emissions Trading Working Group, AGE) of the German Government. Thus, we are strongly involved at the interface between German industry, politicians, and other stakeholders that contribute to the development of carbon pricing.

We are experts in knowledge transfer on emissions trading. Already in the early days of the ETS in Germany, knowledge transfer played a very important role. Back then, trainings and seminars were initiated by, e.g., Federal States, energy agencies and companies. Our experts acted as speakers and trainers. To this day, we provide a series of seminars for practitioners in the EU ETS (FutureCamp Akademie). The great value of these seminars lies in the combination of two FutureCamp core competencies: the vast experience and expert knowledge of our team as well as our methodological know-how in knowledge transfer.

FutureCamp Climate participates in international capacity building activities worldwide on behalf of different clients. Covered tasks entail the preparation, conceptualization, and implementation of MRV and emissions trading provisions, including delivering proposals for allocation rules and in some cases for benchmarks derived from available data and already existing regulatory targets, e.g., on energy efficiency. In the program at hand, FutureCamp focusses on design elements with a special deep dive on MRV and trading-related issues.