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For more than 20 years, adelphi has been one of the leading institutions for policy analysis and strategy consulting and a provider of ideas and services for politics, business and civil society on global environmental and development policy challenges. adelphi’s clients include governments and ministries, both on the local and national level, international organisations, public institutions, companies, and associations. adelphi combines scientific and technical expertise with analytical and strategic competence, application orientation and constructive problem-solving with an integrative approach combining research, consulting, and dialogue in six thematic areas.

Carbon markets and pricing are a central area of expertise at adelphi, with a dedicated team of 15 international analysts working exclusively on this topic. adelphi helps shape this highly dynamic area through a wide variety of projects in a national and international context, drawing on a broad range of services in research, consulting and dialogue. adelphi advises and directly works with governments and other clients on building readiness and capacity on the design and implementation of carbon pricing instruments, as well as their strategy for engaging in international carbon markets, including the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and the voluntary market. adelphi possesses in-depth technical knowledge across domestic and international carbon pricing design and implementation and has long-standing experience working with governments with different domestic circumstances. adelphi also has a strong track record on capacity building on carbon pricing, having conceptualised and implemented trainings on this topic for a number of years in very different contexts and with different audiences.