German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt)

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Dr. Jürgen Landgrebe
Head of the Division V “Climate protection, Energy and German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt)” at the German Environment Agency (UBA)

Profile: Under this program a range of experts from DEHSt led by Dr. Jürgen Landgrebe are available for ETS capacity building activities. Contact person is Wiebke Leers who coordinates international cooperation at the DEHSt.

Experience: The staff consists of around 250 people, mostly economists, engineers, lawyers, social scientists and other professionals. They have been responsible for design and implementation of the EU ETS as well as the German national ETS (nEHS), which became operational in 2021. The DEHSt experts can therefore share first-hand practical experience and lessons learned.

Expertise: DEHSt experts have since been exchanging experiences on all aspects of the implementation of an ETS in a wide range of countries, mostly on the following topics:

  • Main aspects and implementation of the EU ETS
    • Cap setting,
    • Allocation – free allocation and lessons learnt,
    • Auctioning,
    • Monitoring and reporting – General approach and legal background,
    • Verification and accreditation,
    • Surveillance of verifiers by National Accreditation Body,
    • Ensuring integrity in MRV&A, 
    • Functions of a registry,
    • Security of the registry: from IT-architecture, crime prevention and crime detection,
    • Lessons learned from legal proceedings. Practical examples: Introduction of an ETS, scope, allocation, MRVA, sanctions,
    • Relation between transparency, anticorruption and accountability and the design aspects of an ETS.
    • The role of financial market regulation in an ETS,
  • Main aspects and implementation of the German National ETS (nEHS) for heating and transport fuels

  • (Voluntary) carbon offsetting