FutureCamp Climate


Dr. Roland Geres
Managing Director at FutureCamp Climate GmbH

Profile: Dr. Roland Geres is Managing Partner of the FutureCamp Holding GmbH and co-founder of FutureCamp. Since 2001, he has overseen all consulting and service activities in the business domains of emissions trading and climate protection. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the climate change, environment, or energy area, notably in carbon markets.

Experience: Roland Geres has been intensively involved in capacity building activities word-wide, including in the implementation of extensive training activities for Chinese stakeholders. Since 2012, he has been conducting CB training sessions and workshops on ETS and MRV systems for governments and the private sector, including the elaboration of training materials with interactive sessions and exercises. As part of road shows and hospitations he provides intense consultancy delivering customised recommendations. Furthermore, he developed the training programme for junior experts (train the trainer) within this broader CB ETS programme.

Expertise: Dr. Geres has broad experience involving all regulatory, economic, and organisational aspects of emissions trading, climate protection, and project-based mechanisms. He actively shapes the development of the latter and participates regularly in international climate negotiations, as well as in national events. He also participates in the German Stakeholder Working Group on Emissions Trading to combat climate change, or AGE. Through his broad consultancy work and policy advisory Roland is also best informed on the ongoing ETS reform agenda and all regulatory developments with relevance to climate policy in the EU and beyond.


Dominik Glock

Head of Carbon Trading

Profile: Dominik Glock is Project Manager at FutureCamp and is responsible for the business areas of Trading, Offsetting and Registry Services. Since joining FutureCamp in 2006, he has been supporting customers in procurement and sales of emissions allowances within the EU ETS and for the voluntary market. He supports enterprises in developing and implementing climate strategies and in offsetting footprints. Mr. Glock conducts workshops and plans and designs newsletters, executive briefings, and studies.

Experience: Mr. Glock has long-standing experience in the trading of carbon credits including consulting and operative services as well as the management of registry accounts. He is skilled in processing scientific and business-relevant issues in the field of emissions trading and climate strategies with a focus on trading and market trends. He implements emissions trading at energy suppliers: process implementation, control of the CO2 position, strategic analyses, and applications for EU allowances.

Expertise: Mr. Glock has profound knowledge about all aspects concerning carbon markets, ETS, and the trading of CO2 certificates in compliance or voluntary markets.


Andreas Kohn

Senior Consultant

Profile: Andreas Kohn is responsible for the business area Global Climate Governance at FutureCamp. He monitors international, European, and national climate policy developments and assesses their strategic and operative implications. Mr. Kohn conducts research projects and is involved in high-level strategy projects. Since 2011, he has been a Secretariat member of the Working Group on Emissions Trading of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment. Mr. Kohn has a graduate degree in political science, philosophy and statistics and has been working at FutureCamp since 2009. Before that, he worked as the managing director of a limited company (GmbH) for six years.

Experience: Mr Kohn has long-standing experience in the analysis of EU and national climate policy, in particular the analysis of Global Climate Governance, including UNFCCC negotiations and related processes with a view to strategic and operative implications for FutureCamp clients. He is trained as an expert in international ETS capacity building. Mr. Kohn is an experienced project manager in research projects, working especially in strategy projects, in the area of business development regarding NAMAs and the reformed CDM.

Expertise: Mr. Kohn is an experienced expert on all regulatory and policy aspects of emissions trading and carbon markets.


Johanna Lausen


Profile: Johanna Lausen assists facility operators in areas related to the EU ETS, particularly with all services related to MRV, trading, and all registry-related services. She also works in the fields of capacity building, the German national Emissions Trading System, carbon footprinting, climate strategy, climate reporting (i.e., CDP), energy audits, and projects regarding energy efficiency. Ms. Lausen has comprehensive expertise in the field of renewable energies. She completed her industrial engineering degree in Energy and Environmental Management at the Europa-Universität Flensburg in 2017.

Experience: Ms. Lausen has profound work experience related to ETS and other carbon pricing instruments. She is an experienced speaker/lecturer in capacity building measures on ETS and the German national ETS. She is trained for and experienced in international capacity building activities, conducted trainings for the governments of Columbia and Mexico on behalf of the GIZ and ICAP and conducted the training session entitled “Comercio de emisiones en acción” within a visitor programme of Mexico in Germany on behalf of the GIZ.

Expertise: Ms. Lausen assists facility operators in areas related to the EU ETS, including emissions reporting, activity reports, allocation applications and monitoring plans. She supports customers in the procurement and sales of emissions allowances within the EU ETS, and with running accounts within the registry. She also supports clients in the energy and industry sectors in implementing the new national (upstream) ETS in Germany. Ms. Lausen is lead author of  studies on climate neutrality pathways for several industrial business associations as well as studies on market behaviour within the EU ETS for the German Emissions Trading Authority.


Thomas Mühlpointer

Member of the Board

Profile: Thomas Mühlpointner is responsible for the fields of EU emissions trading and energy. He has long-standing experience in the climate change, environment, and energy area, notably in carbon markets. He is the main responsible person for FutureCamp services for operators of ETS covered installations regarding applications for EU allowances, emissions management systems, and reporting.

Experience: Mr. Mühlpointner has demonstrated his extensive experience in advising policy making on ETS and emission reductions at the governmental level. He played a leading role in the preparation and implementation of multi-day English-language seminars and workshops for capacity building initiatives in South Korea, Chile, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Ukraine and is entrusted with the regulations or preparatory processes of the emissions trading processes there. He regularly conducts information events and studies on experiences from previous emissions trading periods, on the design of the fourth trading period of the EU ETS, and on trading issues.

Expertise: Thomas Mühlpointner is a key expert in the development of verification and accreditation guidelines and templates for MRV/EU ETS systems and is a very experienced trainer. He prepares guidance documents, forms, and templates to be applied by local verifiers and in the context of accreditation activities in the future. He provides training material to be used when rolling-out verifier training sessions, and implements intensive training sessions on verification procedures.


Dr. Christian Pacher

Member of the Board

Profile: Christian Pacher works on operative and technical topics within the scope of emissions trading. Mr. Pacher studied civil engineering in Munich. In his function as research assistant at the Technische Universität München, he dealt with issues concerning material flow and resource management and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the waste management sector. He completed his doctorate regarding the application of the flexible mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol for greenhouse gas reduction measures in waste incineration plants at the RWTH Aachen University. He frequently plans and runs specialist seminars in the fields of emissions trading and energy management. He is also a regular speaker at international conferences.

Experience: Mr. Pacher has long-standing experience in the areas of climate change, environment, and energy, notably in carbon markets. As senior project manager he provides strategic advice and operational support for operators covered by the EU ETS. He is an international expert in capacity building and training programmes in other ETS and MRV systems. As technical expert he supported the development and set up of the official operator guidance published by the Turkish MoEU.

Expertise: Mr. Pacher has demonstrated knowledge in carbon cap-and-trade schemes, GHG emissions control, emission reductions in several sectors, and all kind of installations categories (small, medium, big emitters), as well as in carbon footprinting and climate neutrality processes. He has profound expertise in carbon trading and policy analysis.


Daniel Scholz

Senior ETS Consultant and Head of CDP Services

Profile: Since joining the company in 2008, Daniel Scholz has been working on EU emissions trading as well as national and international climate protection projects (CDM, JI, VCS). He is an expert in climate market and policy analysis, and co-author of several studies.

Experience: At FutureCamp, Daniel is our main contact for international capacity building activities on emissions trading. He is in charge of assignments concerning the conceptualisation and implementation of trainings and workshops on ETS introduction. These assignments include the preparation of standardised and/or tailor-made training materials, including roleplay, as well as on all aspects of the monitoring cycle of an ETS (particularly new interactive training elements on MRV and aviation).

Expertise: Daniel has long-standing expertise in the conceptualisation and implementation of capacity building processes and training courses with a focus on sharing experiences from the implementation of emissions trading in the EU and Germany. As he has been providing operational support and strategic advice for around 14 years, he has detailed knowledge of all relevant technical, methodical and operational aspects for plant operators covered by the EU ETS.  He is also highly familiar with the decarbonisation efforts and strategies within companies.


Stefan Weigert


Profile: Stefan Weigert works as a Consultant at FutureCamp Climate. He supports our clients in the broad spectrum of the EU ETS. This includes the preparation of emission reports, allocations applications and monitoring plans. Furthermore, he advises customers regarding the development, implementation and enhancement of energy management systems. Mr. Weigert has comprehensive expertise in the field of energy markets and power engineering. He graduated with a master’s degree in Management and Technology from the Technical University of Munich. His final thesis on the conflict of interests in the market for certifications was given an award by the chair of Economics – Public Finance and Industrial Organization.

Experience: Mr. Weigert provides support for plant operators on strategic and operational issues in European emissions trading (especially in the chemicals, steel and ceramics sectors), including via the preparation of emissions reports, allocation applications and monitoring plans. He designs and implements information events and workshops for stakeholders in EU ETS and German national ETS. He also develops greenhouse gas reduction pathways for companies and industry associations, participates in energy audits, and advises companies on energy efficiency issues.

Expertise: Mr. Weigert has extensive expertise in energy markets and energy technology.